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Who we are 

Physical Pharmaceutica LLC is a pharmaceutical technology company offering specialized R&D consulting and laboratory services to the pharmaceutical industry. 


We specialize in IVRT (in vitro release tests). We can test your products or develop tests for complex dosage forms using our expertise in material science, pharmacokinetics, and our suite of patented technologies. We can also provide computational modeling and data analysis support for your drug development programs. 


We develop customized scientific solutions to your individual problems and challenges, even when other methods fail. We can also work with your scientists to implement customized approaches, tests, and analyses that will solve your specific problems. 


We can perform experiments at our facility or help you do them in yours. Our goal is to help your organization succeed as quickly as possible.

What makes us different

We provide expertise and capabilities that are not available anywhere else to quickly solve problems that cannot be addressed with other approaches or technologies. 


One example is our patented technology, pulsatile microdialysis (PMD), which is exclusive to Physical Pharmaceutica. PMD has been successfully used to

  • measure drug release kinetics from ophthalmic emulsions
  • determine precipitation kinetics associated with supersaturating oral dosage forms and resulting spring & parachute patterns
  • determine drug binding kinetics to adsorbing agents like activated charcoal
  • determine the drug distribution within systems such as ophthalmic emulsions and suspensions, and topical creams and gels. 


From dosage forms to IVRT testing and method development to modeling, we can help solve your most important and challenging problems.

World class science

Physical Pharmaceutica uses material science and biopharmaceutics to design in vitro studies, formulations and perform meaningful data analysis. The result is insight as to how formulations work and how to improve them in a rational way, which often cannot be done by trial and error.


Our PMD technology is the only IVRT that can provide directly measured release and dissolution data as often as every 15 seconds, even in systems that are microscopically multiphasic. It is supported by rigorous equations of the physical processes, which support data modeling and interpretation.


This major advance over other IVRT methods allows measuring drug release from ophthalmic and microemulsions. It also allows direct measurement of drug supersaturation and precipitation for oral dosage forms and avoiding methods such as particle growth (which are not sufficiently accurate below 100 nm). Thus, PMD-based IVRT's can lead to better in vitro in vivo correlations (IVIVC).


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