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Our goal is to discuss various topics and how we view them scientifically. We will provide an overview of relevant research, including data and models, reflecting our own work (including peer-reviewed work when possible). The topics will at times seem very “out of the box”, and may not have an immediately obvious application, but be more of potential interest. The goal is to provide quality content that our readers will find interesting and want to follow.


To start, we present an overview of PMD (pulsatile microdialysis), our proprietary technology.  


However, most future posts will be focused on problems and science more than our technologies. We hope you will return and follow us over time.


ur next post will be online soon and will be on the kinetics of protein binding. Other topics coming soon include a method for measuring precipitation from supersaturated solutions, and determining drug release rates from micro- and nano-emulsions. 


Preview:  Protein binding kinetics is an unusual topic that includes data collection and modeling problems. Compared to equilibrium binding, binding kinetics studies give additional information and introduces some novel kinetic modeling equations. We look forward to finishing the post and hope you enjoy it!



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